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this is my biology; it’s my decision.

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travtrav87 So this just happened at the #gameofthrones beer launch party. #pedropascal posing with my #moonstick from #sailormoon


i’m like a bitter old man except i’m a teenage girl

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XMFC » Favorite Erik outfits

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“Any advice I would’ve given to my 19-year-old self I wouldn’t have listened to anyway.” 


in times of stress & trouble, experiment with brushes

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I followed you for Marvel, but your reblogging of In the Flesh posts was what kept reminding me to watch it and then I blitzed it and now I'm done, and I have FEELINGS about this show! I had no one to talk to about it, so I made 3 of my friends watch it over the past few days and now we all just text each other our feelings. And I blame you.

B E A U T I F U L <3 I’m so happy omg yes. Also feel free to talk to me about it ah I always love ranting about shows I love!!!

I had honestly recommended that show to 4 people before I had even finished the second season. !!ALSO!! One of the people I recommended it to (a guy from my drama class) just finished watching the first season and now he’s hooked and I’m so happy - he’s in new york rn and he watched it on the drive down so I have to wait til he gets back to talk about it with him but yooooooooo